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Message From: Trine Feuerborn June 11, 2013
A little over 5 years ago we adopted a little snowshoe/Siamese kitten from you called Casper. We spell his name Kasper today, but nevertheless, we have had so much joy out of Kasper. He has grown up to be a very nice cat, very soft spoken and loves my husband. Thank you for letting us adopt this sweet guy and for letting him become a special part of our family. The Feuerborns

Message From: Joy, September 25, 2010
Thank you so much for saving and providing the most incredible foster experience possible for Allie. And for allowing us to be adopted by her! We are the proudest, happiest family in the world to have her. Response:Trisha Y-Such an amazing journey..and I am so thankful she has reached her destination. Lucky Lucky Girl!

Message From: Karrie Neuhaus July 20, 2010
We adopted "Peanut" in March 2010. We love him so much...he is such a wonderful addition to our family.

Message From: Trine May 21, 2010
We adopted Kasper, a siamese snowshoe kitten, in September 2007 and have loved every moment with him since then. he is a wonderful cat. You guys do a great job.

Message From: Jane Parks May 6, 2010
I adopted Mumbles about 2 yrs ago. He is so smart and sweet. Love you guys for helping out my baby. Hope to adopt from you again in the future.

Message From: Michelle April 1, 2010
We adopted Abrianna November 2008. She is the BEST dog ever! This is our first family dog and we got so lucky with her. Thanks so much for taking care of her in the beginning and giving her a chance! Response:Trisha Y- Abri got SO lucky to find her very own wonderful family!!! She has blossomed into a beautiful young dog. Thank you so much Michelle!

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