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For the Rescuers

 Once I was a lonely dog, just looking for a home.
 I had no place to go, no one to call my own.
 I wandered up and down the streets, in rain in heat and snow.
 I ate whatever I could find, I was always on the go.
 My skin would itch, my feet were sore, my body ached with pain.
 And no one stopped to give a pat or a gently say my name.
 I never saw a loving glance, I was always on the run.
 For people thought that hurting me was really lots of fun.
 And then one day I heard a voice so gentle, kind and sweet,
 and arms so soft reached down to me and took me off my feet.“
 No one again will hurt you,” was whispered in my ear.
 “You’ll have a home to call your own where you will know no fear.“
 You will be dry, you will be warm, you’ll have enough to eat.
 And rest assured that when you sleep, your dreams will all be sweet.”
 I was afraid I must admit, I’ve lived so long in fear.
 I can’t remember when I let a human come so near.
 And as she tended to my wounds and bathed and brushed my fur,
 she told me about the rescue group and what it meant to her.
 She said, “We are a circle, a line that never ends.
 And in the centre there is you, protected by new friends.“
 And all around you are the ones that check the pounds,
 and those that share their home after you’ve been found.“
 And all the other folk are searching near and far
 to find the perfect home for you, where you can be a star.”
 She said, “There is a family, that’s waiting patiently,
 and pretty soon we’ll find them, just you wait and see.“
 And then they’ll join our circle they’ll help to make it grow,
 so there’ll be room for more like you, who have no place to go.”
 I waited very patiently, the days they came and went.
 Today’s the day I thought, my family will be sent.
 Then just when I began to think it wasn’t meant to be,
 there were people standing there just gazing down at me.
 I knew them in a heart beat, I could tell they felt it too.
 They said, “We have been waiting for a special dog like you.”
 Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
 “Thank you for the life I live and all you’ve given me.“
 But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
 And send a Rescue Person to lift them off their feet.”
 Arlene Pace September 18, 1998


I know I'm scared and nervous and shy
You might just want to walk on by
But please look again, please talk to me
And see the boy I'd like to be

I've never had a life of fun
I've never had the chance to run
To chase my ball till I'm all puffed out
To learn that people don't always shout

I might not wag my tail at you
But look in my eyes, look closer too
There's life in them, and hope and joy
And I'd love to be your special boy

Author: Fionna Duncan


Tail tucked between your legs,
Confusion in your eyes
I know it's hard to understand
That someone heard your cries.

When loneliness is all you know
And pain is all you feel
And no one can be trusted
And hunger's all too real.

That's the time the Lord sees you
And lets you know He's there
That's when He sends His messengers
The hearts that love and care.

Yes, rescuers are angels
You cannot see their wings
They keep them neatly folded
As they do their caring things.

The medicine to make you well,
Good food to make you strong.
And finally to help you learn
That hugs are never wrong.

The perfect place then must be found
The home where you can live
Secure and safe and happy
With joy to get and give.

When you reach your Forever Home,
Your place to feel whole.
The angels smile and off they go
To save another sole.

Author Unknown

I went out to rescue a dog that day

I went out to rescue a dog that day
 To give him a really good life
 To take him away from the life that he led
 And free him from trouble and strife
 I thought I would do him a favour
 And be a good person to him
 And go do my bit for the country
 I didn't go out on a whim
 But what do you think really did happen?
 The day that I did my good deed,
 I discovered a love that I'd dreamed of
 And fulfilled in myself a strong need.
 I now have a dog that I care for,
 I see things that I needed to see.
 That lovely dog that I rescued
 Really ended up rescuing me.
 Fionna D

Just a Staffy Cross

Today is just another day - to me they're all the same
I have the worst of genes you see, I bear the "Staffy" shame.
The shame is in our numbers, there's thousands with no home.
Thousands just like me you'll find, in kennels all alone.

My mum was "just a Staffy", my father - well who knows?
Mum, too, became unwanted, as the last puppy goes.
And then begins the process, of money-making deals
A life of "moving on" unfolds, who cares how the Staffy feels?
If you have the cash to hand, the Staffy pup is yours
But that pup is getting bigger now, just look at those big paws.

You brought me for your image, thought I'd make you look more tough
But you'll find my boisterous nature has already got too much.
If you had thought to train me, with kindness and with praise
You would have had a faithful friend to share your darkest days.
I would lay down my life for you, but you simply cannot see
You make sure you get your money back on what you paid for me.

And on it goes, until one day, I'm no longer worth a dime
The retail on an adult staff - not worth the waste of time.
So what happens to a Staffy now? Do you really want to know?
Do you care what will become of us, when we leave our final home?

Have you ever thought to wonder, "Where is that Staffy now?"
The "Staffy" has another name; he's become a "stray" somehow.
Me, I was put into a car and driven far away
The door held open, I jumped out, I thought to run and play.
It was with joy and happy heart I turned to look for you
You drove away with all my trust and a piece of my heart too.

I wondered round for many days before I was brought here.
Now I wait with heavy heart, trepidation and with fear.
Seven days is all I have you see, seven days for you to claim
The little dog that you threw out, for which you have no shame.

This is my last goodbye now my seven days are up
If only more thought had gone into the future of that pup
As the needle empties to my veins I lay down with one last sigh
I'm sorry I was born a Staffy, because it means that I must die.

- Trudie James -

A Poem To My Foster Dog

I am the bridge
Between what was and what can be.
I am the pathway to a new life.

I am made of mush,
Because my heart melted when I saw you,
Matted and sore, limping, depressed,
Lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.

or one little time you are mine.
I will feed you with my own hand
I will love you with my whole heart
I will make you whole.

I am made of steel.
Because when the time comes,
When you are well, and sleek,
When your eyes shine,
And your tail wags with joy
Then comes the hard part.
I will let you go - not without a tear,
But without a regret.
For you are safe forever -
A new dog needs me now.

by Diane Morgan/Copyright 1999

Make Room In Your Heart

I know that you still search for me

Within the room; by the fireside

Eyes alight with hope reflected

In the flames, and tears you’ve cried.


But I am not, and cannot be

Laid by your side another day,

For your bonded love has set me free

Letting my wounded soul fly far away.


But still I see you growing older

Day by day the greyness showing

In a world that’s getting colder

 Each step you take; loneliness growing.


I also see my kindred kind

Who shiver and weep upon the path

Knowing not their state of mind

Betrayed by the humans that they had.


Thrown by bushes and left to roam

Or caged in pounds without a home

These lonely dogs know nothing of

The life we shared; the home; the love.


So now I need to ask of you

A friendly favour, perhaps overdue.

Won’t you open your heart to take one in,

And let the love of man and dog begin.


By Moya Muldowney, 20

20th January 2006


English Bull Terrier

They look only unto my breed,

Then shake their heads and close their eyes,

Oblivious to my heart, life or need

And ignore my silent waning cries.


For what I am is all that they see,

And too soon assume what is not true,

I cannot be trusted due to breeds history,

No matter what my angels say,

There's nothing they can do.


So I'll end my days here in a cage,

Alone and cold in the pound

Without the chance to live my age

And be lovingly buried in the ground


Is it possible to leave at a lower line

Then to what I've fallen, to my shame?

I have nothing left to show for my time,

Not a friend nor foe nor even a name...


I dislike other dogs, yes that's true,

But so do many other strays

Yet they get the chance to escape through

And live their life in carefree days.


Goodbye dear life, and what I've known,

I give up now this hopeless fight,

Too much for man my breed has shown

Another innocent dog sent soul to flight...


By Moya Muldowney, 20.

Rescue Dog Poem

A rescue dog will have a tale to tell
 It may be sad, or of a life of Hell
 It may be a story of a once loved pup
 Who found herself homeless when a marriage broke up
 Or a faithful companion, who's owner's passed on
 And the poor little dog doesn't know where they've gone.
 Or of a dog that’s been beaten, never had the chance to ‘live’
 And yet gain his trust - he’ll have so much love to give.
 A pup that grew out of the cute, cuddly stage,
 Has grown big and unruly and is now at ‘that age’
 So he gets given away, it’s such a shame
 When it’s the lack of training that’s really to blame.
 Some rescue dogs may be quite old
 Just need a nice home, out of the cold
 A warm cozy bed, for weary old bones
 No dog should spend it’s last days on it’s own.
 Rescue dogs can be misunderstood
 Often seen as damaged goods
 But a ‘pre-owned’ dog has much to offer
 And compared to a pup, can be far less bother
 A rescue dog may not know how to play
 But a little bit of kindness should show them the way.
 Some rescue dogs will have great credentials,
 Others show promise and heaps of potential.
 Some need guidance, to learn how to trust
 For others, some training will be a must
 But what you put in, you’ll get back tenfold
 A loyal friend, with a heart of gold
 He may be pure, cross or mixed breed
 But one things for sure-he’ll be in need
 Of a loving home, a new 'mum' or 'dad'
 Surely with this, he'll stop being so sad.
 A rescue dog is a breed apart
 Please find space for one in your heart.

By Karen Folkes 2009

Here in this house...

Here in this house...

I will never know the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs 'out there'.
 I can sleep soundly, assured that when I wake my world will not have changed.
 I will never know hunger, or the fear of not knowing if I'll eat.
 I will not shiver in the cold, or grow weary from the heat.
 I will feel the sun's heat, and the rain's coolness,
 and be allowed to smell all that can reach my nose.
 My fur will shine, and never be dirty or matted.
 Here in this house...
 There will be an effort to communicate with me on my level.
 I will be talked to and, even if I don't understand,
 I can enjoy the warmth of the words.
 I will be given a name so that I may know who I am among many.
 My name will be used in joy, and I will love the sound of it!
 Here in this house...
 I will never be a substitute for anything I am not.
 I will never be used to improve peoples' images of themselves.
 I will be loved because I am who I am, not someone's idea of who I should be.
 I will never suffer for someone's anger, impatience, or stupidity.
 I will be taught all the things I need to know to be loved by all.
 If I do not learn my lessons well, they will look to my teacher for blame.
 Here in this house...
 I can trust arms that hold, hands that touch...
 knowing that, no matter what they do, they do it for the good of me.
 If I am ill, I will be doctored.
 If scared, I will be calmed.
 If sad, I will be cheered.
 No matter what I look like, I will be considered beautiful and thought to be of value.
 I will never be cast out because I am too old, too ill, too unruly, or not cute enough.
 My life is a responsibility, and not an afterthought.
 I will learn that humans can almost, sometimes, be as kind and as fair as dogs.
 Here in this house...
 I will belong.
 I will be home.
 ~Author Unknown


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